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ABIVAX (Euronext: ABVX), co-founded by Truffle Capital (Dr Philippe Pouletty), is a leading biotechnology company in Europe, specialised in the discovery, development and sale of antiviral drugs and human vaccines for the treatment of some of the most serious infectious illnesses, such as HIV/AIDS and chronic hepatitis B. ABIVAX’s portfolio is comprised of two products […]

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Altimmune is a biotechnological company that develops vaccines and biological products to satisfy medical needs that have not been met. This company uses a patented technology for a non-invasive intranasal delivery that it has demonstrated through animal testing and preliminary clinical studies. Truffle Capital first invested in Immune Targeting Systems (ITS), which was bought in […]



Biokinesis, founded in October 2011, is a biotechnology company developing new treatments for cancer by targeting a specific kinesin found in several cancers. Biokinesis has so far had very good results on several types of animals. Dr Philippe Pouletty and Antoine Pau are Board members.



Carbios (Alternext: ALCRB) is a green chemistry company whose objective is to make the plastic bags that are taking over our planet, biodegradable. Through the company’s expertise on enzymes – biological catalysts – the bioprocesses developed by Carbios will offer a real disruptive technology that will allow a very large number of polymers (plastics, textiles, […]

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Carmat (Alternext: ALCAR) was co-founded in 2008 by Truffle Capital, EADS and Professor Carpentier with the support of Bpifrance. Carmat has developed a completely implantable artificial heart, including right and left ventricles and whose design is aimed at being as close as possible to a human heart. Cardiovascular illnesses currently affect more than 100 million […]



Deinobiotics was founded in 2009 by Deinove, (Truffle Capital portfolio), with the support of OSEO-ERDF. Deinobiotics is a subsidiary dedicated to the research and development of antibiotics and antifungals. The current R&D program targets mainly antibiotics capable of fighting against resistant hospital germs responsible for nosocomial infections (gram-negative bacteria and fungi). Antoine Pau is a […]



Deinove (Alternext: ALDEI) is a green chemistry company dedicated to the development and commercial use of innovative processes for the production of biofuels and industrial or pharmaceutical compounds that are higher performing and more environmentally friendly. The processes developed by Deinove use bacteria with exceptional natural properties: deinococci. Deinove was founded in 2006 by Truffle […]

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Kephalios, founded in April 2011, is a medical equipment start-up that is developing a mitral ring for a reversible and non-invasive correction of residual mitral regurgitation. After initial tests on animals, Kephalios identified a new concept that can satisfy all functional and industrial demands.

logo myoppwers


MyoPowers is specialised in the development of artificial muscles to treat severe incontinence. MyoPowers has great potential to solve a major medical problem that affects the well-being of millions of patients. Its flagship product, ARTUS™, is an artificial urinary sphincter intended to treat patients with severe stress urinary incontinence. Dr Philippe Pouletty is a Board […]

logo neovacs


Neovacs (Alternext: ALNEV), a spin-off from the Université Pierre & Marie Curie in Paris, is a biotechnology company focused on an active immunotherapy technology platform, with applications for auto-immune diseases and other chronic diseases. It was founded by Professor Daniel Zagury, MD, PhD, one of the best immunologists in the world. Neovacs was listed on […]

logo pharnext


Pharnext, a biopharmaceutical company specialised in the development of innovative treatments based on PleotherapyTM for serious neurological diseases such as Alzheimer’s and Carcot-Marie-Tooth. Pharnext was founded in 2007 by an internationally renowned team led by Professor Daniel Cohen, author of the first human genome map. Truffle Capital contributed to the creation of Pharnext in 2007. […]

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Symetis, founded in January 2001 as a spin-off from the University of Zurich, is a Swiss company developing new transcatheter aortic valve implantation (TAVI) systems. The company’s products, ACURATE TA™ and ACURATE neo™ and their delivery systems, based on proprietary design and delivery technologies, are marketed and sold in key markets in Europe and in other […]

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Theraclion (Alternext: ALTHE), a French company founded in 2004, is a spin-off of Edap-Technomed, a pioneer in the use of ultrasound for therapeutic purposes. Theraclion develops, manufactures and sells the Echopulse device that allows a non-invasive and ambulatory treatment of breast fibroadenoma and thyroid nodules. Benefiting from the support of an international scientific and medical […]

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Theradiag (Alternext: ALTER) is a pioneer in the field of the development, manufacture and sale of high quality innovative IVD (in vitro diagnostic) products. Relying on this 25 years long expertise, Theradiag is currently focusing its development strategy on theranostic tests to monitor biotherapies. Theranostics is an emerging branch of in vitro diagnostics, whose purpose […]



Vexim (Alternext: ALVXM), co-founded by Truffle Capital in 2006, is the French leader in orthopaedic cements. Vexim specialises in mini-invasive solutions to treat the causes and consequences of vertebral fractures. It has specifically developed the SpineJack® implant to repair vertebral fractures. Vexim has already treated thousands of patients successfully. Vexim was listed on Alternext in […]

First FinTech Closing
On the 15th of November 2017, Truffle has successfully completed the first closing of its institutional fund Truffle Financial Innovation Fund.
Premier closing FinTech
Le 15/11/2017, Truffle réalise le premier closing de son fonds institutionnel Truffle Financial Innovation Fund.
Premier closing FinTech
Le 15/11/2017, Truffle réalise le premier closing de son fonds institutionnel Truffle Financial Innovation Fund.